Scotty Yates
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IMG 7456Introducing Scotty Yates, a familiar face in the vibrant musical landscape of Bradenton, Florida, whose illustrious career is marked by prestigious accolades and an impressive list of collaborations. As a recipient of the "International Jazz Hall Of Fame" Entertainers Of The Year Award and an inductee into the 2011 "Kansas Music Hall Of Fame," Scotty stands as a distinguished figure in the world of music.

Scotty's musical journey extends beyond the Florida scene, as he has shared the stage with an array of Local, Regional, and International Artists. His extensive resume includes performances with iconic acts such as Kansas City’s Legendary Riverrock, the Jerry Presley Show featuring The Jordanaires and The Stamps Quartet, and collaborations with celebrated artists like Ray Hildebrand (Hey Hey Paula) and Alton Lott (2013 Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee).

Among the notable Florida-based artists Scotty has performed with are Billy Rice, BC and the Gang, Hatley Band, The Klick Band, and many more. His versatility and skill have made him a sought-after collaborator, contributing his musical prowess to a diverse range of projects.

Scotty's presence graces the stages of Florida’s West Coast, where audiences can catch his electrifying performances. From the Clam Factory and American Legion 24 in Bradenton to Pesto’s Bistro and Linger Lodge, Scotty leaves an indelible mark on each venue he touches. His musical journey takes him further afield, with performances at Mademoiselle French Restaurant on Anna Maria Island, Mattison’s City Grill and Latin Quarters in Sarasota, JR’s Packing House in Sarasota, and coastal hotspots like Swordfish Grill and Cortez Kitchen in Cortez, Florida.

Scotty Yates is not just a musician; he's a living testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and create lasting connections. Whether he's gracing the stage with renowned artists or captivating audiences at local Florida venues, Scotty's musical prowess continues to shine, making him a cherished figure in the Bradenton music scene and beyond.